L​os Angeles County in California is a densely populated area vulnerable to natural hazards such as flooding and wildfires. Our staff ​modified and applied the Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Framework developed by NOAA’s ​National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science to assess the county’s climate vulnerability. Through partner and stakeholder engagement, the team used a series of maps to ​identify areas at risk of wildfires, projected ​coastal flooding, ​and other selected risks. The team then explored how those risks align with social​, structural, and environmental vulnerability. These maps and information are already supporting development of local climate action ​and sustainability plans. This work was supported by several staff on contract with two NOAA offices: the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, and the Office for Coastal Management.

Map of Los Angeles Metro Area with purple, blue, and green coloring. A square shows low to high risk and vulnerability associated with those colors.
This map depicts areas where high vulnerability intersects with high risk in the Los Angeles Metro Area.

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Honoring Our Veterans 

Several of our employee owners have served in various branches of the military in various capacities. Thank you for your service!  

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